Bhaktapur sightseeing Tour


Bkaktapur , a well-preserved city lies in the eastern part of Kathmandu valley consists of the Bhaktapur Durbar Square at its heart. As soon as you step in , you could sense the medieval charm retained in the remarkable  architectures and residents of the area.  The Durbar Square  has been enlisted by UNESCO as one of the world heritage sites.  A visit to the city takes you back to the time when Malla rulers graced the place in an artistic manner.  Every wood carvings, every scripture, every monument you pass through are evidence of the history and cultural abundance of the city. 

People say that the most of the monuments in the city present exactly look the way they seem in the ancient days.  We can call it an open museum whose every corner is adorned with aesthetic crafts and well-maintained antique buildings.  The five- storied Nyatapol temple, popular as the tallest temple of Nepal, and many similar pagoda stylized temples sky - cross the place.  Others are the 55- windows temple, the big bell, the Peacock window, Dattatreya Temple, the Taumadhi aquare blessed with striking architecture. A visit to the National Art gallery blows your mind as the ancient paintings with the depth depiction of Tantrism and ancient history are showcased in the musuem.

Another major attraction insludes  the Pottery square presenting  the traditional occupation of Newars dwelling in the city for ages.  After walking through the maze-like streets, the clay-artifacts displayed in a huge mass all over the pottery square.

Moreover, the traditional prosperity of the city is remarkably witnessed in the taste of Juju Dhau, one of the finest yogurt of Nepal.   Most of people are  wearing typical Newari costumes. Visitors often notice  a marked uniqueness in the lyfestyles and festivals of the Bhaktapur. 

The city is beautiful and clean abounded with masterpieces, stone taps, shrines and scriptures being able to retain  the story behind each architecture. The fine arts carved on the windows of each plaza portray, cfaftsmanship of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Welcome to the most historical city of Nepal - Bhaktapur.

Bhaktapur sightseeing Tour

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